Facebook and Instagram Advertising

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Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. See how we connect businesses with all the right people on any device with Facebook marketing.

Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results.

  • Two billion people use Facebook every month
  • 1 of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram.
  • 500 million Instagrammers use the app every day.

Understanding how to leverage Facebook and Instagram Ads is becoming a staple part of almost every social media strategy. And if you want to get your posts seen on Facebook, it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll have to pay for reach with Facebook Ads.

Paid advertising on Facebook seems to be one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of your content. Though it’s not without its questions. How well does it work? What kind of engagement do you get?

And what can you expect for your hard-earned money?

In this post, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about Facebook Ads to get your campaigns up and running as well as all we’ve learned from our own experiences.  We can help you:


  • Increase traffic to your website from Facebook
  • Increase attendance at your events
  • Generate new leads
  • Increase the reach of your content on Facebook
  • Boost engagement for our Facebook Page

    With Facebook, you have many different ways of approaching an ad campaign. These ways can typically fall within three categories of benefits:


    Objectives that generate interest in your product or service:

    • Boost your posts
    • Promote your page
    • Reach people near your business
    • Increase Brand Awareness
    • Increase your reach

    Top tip: For small budgets, you’re likely to get the most bang for your buck with the awareness ad types. Moz found that $1 per day can grow your audience by 4,000 people (this didn’t quite match our experience, though it’s well worth trying).


    Objectives that get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it:

    • Send people to a destination on or off Facebook
    • Get installs of your app
    • Raise attendance at your event
    • Get video views
    • Collect leads for your business


    Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to purchase or use your product or service:

    • Increase conversions on your website
    • Increase engagement in your app
    • Get people to claim your offer
    • Promote a product or catalogue
    • Get people to visit your shops


    Customizing your target audience

    This step is extremely crucial for the success of your Facebook Ads campaigns. The audience for your ad can be customized based on all the following demographics:

    • Location, starting with a country, state, city, zip code, or address, and refining even further with a mile radius
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Languages
    • Interests – Facebook looks at a person’s interests, activity, the Pages they like, and closely related topics
    • Behaviors – Things like purchase behavior and intent, as well as device usage
    • Connections – Choose to show the ad to all people, just those connected to Buffer, or those not connected to Buffer

    You choose your budget, we will create and implement everything for you.  You must first select a Social Media Marketing Monthly subscription in order for us to do so.