Best Practices for Highly Effective Websites

Want to know how to get the maximum value from your site?

Whether it’s a book or a new car, software or a plumbing service, the majority of purchases start online today. It’s a given fact that both B2B buyers and consumers frequently begin by researching products and services online before they buy. Even more important is the influence of online content on the purchase decision. According to a Nielsen global survey, “In the U.S., almost sixty percent of respondents said that they were much more or somewhat more likely to purchase a new product after learning about it through active Internet research.”

But with the average US internet user viewing 2,400 web pages per month, how can you make your site stand out among the competition? This ebook presents seven best practices for managing effective websites. Read on to learn more about these proven principles that will help you get the most out of your most strategic marketing asset: your website.

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