8 Simple Tweaks to Help Landing Page Conversion

8 Simple Tweaks to Help Landing Page Conversion

by John Rampton

1. Align landing page headline and copy

It's important to keep the landing page headline and copy aligned because this creates the consistency that delivers a clear message to the target audience that visits the page. They will get what they are expecting after reading the headline if the copy backs up the claim found there. An additional benefit of doing this is that it will improve Google AdWords score, lowering the cost-per-click.

2. Double-check your grammar

No one wants to come to your landing page and read content full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Just because the Internet has this type of poor writing everywhere doesn't mean you need to follow suit. Be sure to have the content double-checked by a second pair of eyes. You can even employ apps like Grammarly, which scan your work, point out potential mistakes, and suggest improvements. If you use platforms like WordPress, it also has a plug-in that goes through readability levels and notes areas to change, such as passive voice. All of these tactics can help ensure a landing page free of errors with well-written sentences that compel and convert.

3. Optimize form fields

Don't try to collect so much information in your landing page form that you discourage visitors from completing it. The less information you ask for, the more likely you'll have a higher conversion rate. While there is no one form that works for every company, you should at least collect some basic information like name, phone number, and email address. You can also ask for mailing address, but this may not be data you would really do much with if your audience prefers digital interaction.

Another component that might be important to add on your form is to ask each visitor to let you know what they need the most and share their main issues. Not only will they appreciate your interest in what they are searching for, but you can also use that data for further communication later on.

4. Leverage trusted sources

Conversions are easier to achieve when the visitor already trusts you. While that may not be possible, the next best thing is to incorporate sources and experts who they do trust already. This could be written or video testimonials from influencers like successful entrepreneurs or other industry thought leaders. Other trusted sources include guarantee seals, certifications, and third-party trusted brands like the Better Business Bureau. Lastly, you can add links to press mentions that show media coverage of how you have helped others.

5. Share awards and accolades

There's nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. And, since a landing page is a place to illustrate your authority and build confidence in your ability, this is where you can add a consistent visual display that shows recent awards and accolades. Obviously, you don't want to put too much on the landing page where it takes away from your main message. Select a couple choice awards, major brands that have partnered with you, or recent achievements. Try to use more logos and images than words for this section as well.

Unfortunately, some companies have just added logos to their site to make themselves look good when, in reality, they haven't achieved any of the accolades. Build credibility in this section by linking out to the award or brand where visitors can verify that your accolades are legitimate.

6. Don't overlink

Most of the items on here are things to add, but sometimes it is important to minimize what you are doing with landing pages. This goes for links that you add into the written and visual content. Try to keep the outbound links to a minimum. After all, you don't necessarily want these potential conversions continually leaving your page. The point is to keep them there as long as possible so they are sold on what you offer. Only use links to verify any research you have included and awards as previously mentioned.

7. Add live chat

It's nice for your visitors to have someone there to ask a question as they visit your landing page. This strategy also offers a way to keep them there longer through an engaging conversation. The idea of immediacy increases the conversion rate versus having them get in touch with your sales team at a later date. The live chat doesn't have to interfere either but is only there as an option for the visitor should they want to learn more about your product or service on the spot. It's an option that is easy to give your audience and pays a significant return.

8. Focus on your call-to-action

Since the purpose is to convert visitors, your landing page must have a strong, compelling call-to-action. Your visitors need you to tell them what they should do after reading the landing page. Often, they are sitting on the fence with their decision, so it's your job to convince them to go a certain way. Be specific with what action they should take and make it stand out visually so they truly understand the next step. Ensure the link to where they are going and what is going to happen is easy to understand. Use bright colors and a prominent size to further emphasize the call-to-action.


Don't forget to take each of these tweaks to your landing page and conduct a test so you see where the most impact comes from in relation to the effort you are making. This will help you better understand how to maximize your conversions with each landing page you create.

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