5 must have etiquette's when leaving reviews

Everyone knows the importance of reviews for a business, so much that many business's are left hostage to them and will do anything to avoide a negative one.  This has put the power back in the hands of the consumer which is great, but many consumers are taking advantage of this.

How many times have you had a bad experience and threatened the customer service rep you are speaking to that you will just leave a bad review and then before you know it, you have gotten your way.  All of us are consumers and we have all had bad experiences but I am also a fellow business owner, and having worked with hundreds of other small business owners I took some time to put together a list of Review Etiquette which lays out the considerate way of handling your viable complaints as well as respecting that mistakes happen and many business's are run by humans just like you and I.

1) Power of Positivity.  For every negative review you leave go out of your way to leave at least 2 positive reviews as much as possible.  The world is full of negativity and 80% of consumers only leave negative reviews. 

2) Redemption. If you had a bad experience or suffered a faulty product, give the business the opportunity to fix it.  Look, things fall apart, mistakes happen, and to error is to be human.  If you were reviewed, how many stars would you have?  Think about that the next time you rush to complain about your isolated incident.

3) Be honest and transparent. If a business deserves a 1 star, give them a 1 star, but explain your reasons why and what they could have done differently to have earned 5 stars from you.  Alot of the times, they will try to make it right and simply need to know how to improve your experience or product.

4) Practice forgiveness.  This is a big one.  Many times we get so heated we become vengeful and only leave a negative review to "get back" or "get even" with a business that has wronged us.  Give them another shot, you may have simply dealt with a single representative that was having a bad day and they dont truly reflect or embody what the company as a whole stands for.  Namaste.

5) The 24 hour rule.  Write your review, sleep on it, then post.  This is not only great for preventing remorse of sending a regretful email (or drunk text) but its also a great rule for leaving reviews. Yes leaving reviews empowers us as consumers which is great but it also leaves us drunk with false power. Sober up emotionally before pushing the post button.